Ceramic Money Bunny


Ceramic Money Bunny and this is Felicity

Felicity Bunny is a friend of Della Bunny. They both have kittens and Felicity calls her kitten Smokey. Smokey is very timid like his owner and he loves Felicity to cuddle him.

Each bunny is hand built, decorated with slips and fired to stoneware temperatures. Each is transparent glazed, inside and out. A detail such as: a designer handbag, pet, special gift … to name a few, is added to each bunny. The quirky bunny character’s head can be removed to drop in coins or just to move around to bring different personality expressions to each bunny.


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As each is hand built, the heights vary slightly.

The bunnies come in small, medium and large.

This is a small bunny.

Height: 18 cms

Base width: 6 cms


Vine Haugh

Vine Haugh

Artisan Vine Haugh is the owner & founder of Vine Haugh Ceramics which is located in the Northern Ireland. Vine is passionate about ceramics & gains her inspiration from nature as well as towns and cities. She is passionate about ceramics from across the world and is inspired by London Ceramics and Scandinavian Ceramic pieces at the moment.