Mud Ireland- Grey Curved Mug


Porcelain pottery is 100% by handcrafted in N. Ireland, it is luxurious, well made and designed to stand up to everyday use and the Dishwasher!

Enrich your daily tea or coffee ceremony with this curved mug. The beautiful thing about these pots is that they each have their own unique character and personality, which adds an extra dimension of satisfaction and intimacy to the way we eat, drink and live our lives. The mugs measure approximately  8.5cm x 8.5cm.

Listing is for one mug*

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“The beautiful and deep Nimbus Grey glaze was a recipe carefully developed in the lab by our potter, it leaves a unique finish on each pot as it pools in, flows over and accentuates the throwing rings, which mark the path of the maker’s hand.”

“Our Pottery is made from the purest mud in the world, Ming Porcelain. Fondly known as White Gold, this sumptuous, smooth clay is a pure white canvas, which gives a depth of colour to our glaze which is unparalleled on other clay bodies. Although it is notoriously tricky to work with, this luxurious clay produces the most beautiful pottery in the world!”

*Due to the nature of Handcrafted Products, your pot may vary slightly from photographs. All of our pots go through rigorous quality control, however on occasion you may find small marks or imperfections that come about through hand making. You may find a few hairline cracks or pinholes in the glaze, a slightly wobbly rim or even a few fingerprints on the side! Don’t worry… These “imperfections” are an integral part of what makes your piece so unique!


Mud Ireland Ceramics

Mud Ireland Ceramics

Mud Ireland is a small business passionate about pots, based in Portadown Co. Armagh.
“Our porcelain pottery is 100% handcrafted in Ireland using natural materials, from local suppliers. It is luxurious, well made and designed to stand up to everyday use. That is why each pot is both dishwasher safe and affordably priced! Our motto? Use it, love it, throw it in the dishwasher! We have a cheeky reverence for our craft which is driven by our passion for making and our love for the creation process.”