Handmade Colourful Resin Coaster

Single resin coaster.

Unique colourful handmade coaster. Each one is a one of a kind functional piece of art.

Measurements 10cm approx, depth varies between each coaster.

Handmade by Belfast artist Eithne McGuigan

Listing is for one coaster*

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Each piece is handmade & unique. Pieces cannot be replicated. Eithne strives to achieve perfection with each piece. Please understand these are pieces of art & art often takes a direction of its own – regardless of our perception of perfection. Due to the nature of Eithnes’ craft, there may be some air bubbles, dents, imperfect edges or uneven surfaces within some pieces. Despite this, all pieces can be used functionally as coasters. I hope you see the beauty each piece much as I do. – Eithne McGuigan


Eithne McGuigan


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Eithne McGuigan

My name is Eithne (pronounced Enya). I am a Newtownabbey, N.Ireland based artist creating work from my at home studio. I use a range of mediums including resin, oil, paint and acrylic paint to create functional and fine art pieces, to add colour to your home.