Trinket Dish & Earring Set (Pink) – Rachel Leary


A new limited edition Mother’s Day gift set!

This gift set is perfect for that special mother figure that has everything. The set includes a beautiful porcelain trinket dish featuring some quirky Egyptian Faience droplets and finished with a rim of platinum silver lustre, this is paired with a matching set of Egyptian Faience earrings (sterling silver). All is presented in a branded gift box with a twine ribbon featuring Rachels business card and info.

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All of Rachel’s functional wares are made with porcelain clay by way of the slip casting method. Plaster moulds are handmade by the artist to then pour liquid clay or ‘slip’ into. The mould will absorb some of the moisture and the excess clay is poured out, leaving a hollow clay form. Each item is then fired, glazed and finished to complete Rachel’s unique designs.


Rachel Leary Ceramics

Rachel Leary Ceramics

Rachel Leary Ceramics is an award winning business brought to life by designer and maker- Rachel Leary.

Since completing her Masters in Ceramics in 2015, Rachel has gradually built a home studio in the Northern Irish countryside, and it is her surroundings that fuel the inspiration behind her work.