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Buzzin’ socks are the winning design of Irish Socksciety’s 2023 edition of Design Your Own Socks Competition designed by the very talented Rachel Rothwell.

Inspiration behind the design from Rachael:
Bees are fascinating little creatures and I love watching them! My mum has kept bees for years and this piece is inspired by those little critters living at the bottom of her garden in Wexford. They have often featured in my paintings and the idea of seeing them on my feet too has me buzzing!

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We truly love our socks and are proud of their quality. We also obsess about detail, we could tell you about how the machines we use accept only 100% combed cotton, certified Oeko-tex, and waffle on describing all the fancy 168 needle machine construction works precisely to create every sock uniquely strong and very soft, but you would have stopped reading by now.
Put it this way, remember the first time you got brand new clothes, like not hand me downs, that’s what these socks feel like. We don’t offer one size socks because otherwise your significant other would borrow/steal/lose them. We want to make sure they will fit well on every possible shape and size. From bunion to Bundoran.
Irish Socksiety’s are reinforced from heal to toe so that you can wear them with wellys or vintage brogues.

Our socks won’t slide down your foot come hell or high water! If it’s feet you have, these are the socks you’re after.


Irish Socksciety

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Irish Socksciety

Irish Socksciety loves all that is quirky and humorous of contemporary Ireland.
Founders Alex and Joanna feel that feet have lots to say, and to help them talk, they design colourful and funny socks in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland, in the middle of the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way.
Alex and Joanna are best friends who dance, laugh and work together – in any order really, as it usually happens all at once. They are the kind of people who usually wear baggy, black or grey clothes but their socks brighten up any occasion from boring business meetings to a wonderful wedding, lunch with family or party with mates.