Ciaran Headley- Hand Thrown Ceramic Jug


Hand thrown ceramic tall jug, created on a potters wheel by Ciaran Headley in Crumlin, N. Ireland.

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The perfect multi functional jug, gravy, water or milk.

Each item is unique in size, shape & glaze.

Glazed with Ciaran’s recognisable glaze of blues, greens & browns.

Dishwasher & microwave safe.

Measurements; 9cm tall x 9cm wide (12cm including handle).


Ciaran Headley

Ciaran Headley

Ciaran Headley lives and works from his home on the shores of Louth Neagh, Co.Antrim.
Creating functional stoneware pieces, butter bells, bread crooks, cheese boards and mugs to name a few.
Using his distinctive glazes which reflect the colours, shapes and textures of his natural environment.
Each item is hand thrown on Ciaran’s potters wheel, giving every piece a unique finish.