Elf Hat Bauble – Mud Ireland Ceramics


Mud Irelands limited edition 2022 Baubles have been a foray into a new technique, colouring the clay itself!

These Elf Hats were made from 3 coloured porcelains, marbled together to achieve a candy-cane inspired effect. They were thrown on the potter’s wheel and left to dry, before adding the iconic, playful Elf Ears!

Super cute and luxurious… Even if we do say so ourselves!

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*By the Nature of the way they were made all of these Elf Hats are super unique! They vary greatly with some have a lot of marbling with more white, green or red, others are more thoroughly mixed with a more even blend of the three colours.

100% Handcrafted Porcelain Christmas Tree Decorations

measurements ; approximately 10cm tall


Mud Ireland Ceramics

Mud Ireland Ceramics

Mud Ireland is a small business passionate about pots, based in Portadown Co. Armagh.
“Our porcelain pottery is 100% handcrafted in Ireland using natural materials, from local suppliers. It is luxurious, well made and designed to stand up to everyday use. That is why each pot is both dishwasher safe and affordably priced! Our motto? Use it, love it, throw it in the dishwasher! We have a cheeky reverence for our craft which is driven by our passion for making and our love for the creation process.”