Ellen Woods- Porcelain & Gold Snowman


Ellen Woods has created the most exquisite contemporary porcelain snowmen.

Each one has been hand built and finished with a beautiful light catching real gold lustre, which compliments the porcelain perfectly!

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Various sizes available, each snowman is unique in size & finish.

The one shown might not be the exact one that you receive.

Listing is for one snowman*


Ellen Woods


Extra Small, Large, Medium, Small

Ellen Woods

About Ellen Woods.

Brought up in Northern Ireland, in the rural landscapes of Banbridge, Co. Down, with two brothers a Mum and Dad. My passion for ceramics began at the age of 3, when I was allowed into my fathers ceramic workshop. I always loved “playing with clay” and spending time with my father. My skills have grown over the years and my passion for ceramics has developed. I find my inspiration in the surrounding area of where I live and love, the rural landscapes where I come from. I create because I love the materials that I work with and I can combine my emotions, thoughts and feelings into ceramic art pieces for others to enjoy.