Ellen Woods- Trio of Ceramic Christmas Trees


A trio of handmade ceramic Christmas trees by Ellen Woods.

These simplistically beautiful trees have been hand crafted, adding to their individuality. Unique in size, glaze and finish.

Each tree has then been finished with gold lustre.

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Three Christmas Trees in a set.

Each tree is handmade, no two items are identical. Handmade maker marks are present, adding to their individuality and uniqueness.

Colour options available.

Handmade by Ellen Woods, at her working studio in Banbridge, Northern Ireland.


Ellen Woods


Blue, Green, Pink, White

Ellen Woods

About Ellen Woods.

Brought up in Northern Ireland, in the rural landscapes of Banbridge, Co. Down, with two brothers a Mum and Dad. My passion for ceramics began at the age of 3, when I was allowed into my fathers ceramic workshop. I always loved “playing with clay” and spending time with my father. My skills have grown over the years and my passion for ceramics has developed. I find my inspiration in the surrounding area of where I live and love, the rural landscapes where I come from. I create because I love the materials that I work with and I can combine my emotions, thoughts and feelings into ceramic art pieces for others to enjoy.