Fiafolk- Catkin Earrings Cool


These earrings have three layers of organically coloured porcelain pieces. Unglazed porcelain allows the unique qualities of the ceramic to show through. Each piece is made by hand, therefore every earring pair is unique.

The ear hooks are sterling silver. Total Length – 4.5cm / Porcelain Length  1.7cm (Approx)


These earrings come packaged inside an eco-friendly box making them the perfect gift for you or someone else!

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My ceramics are individually handmade in small batches and the final look of each item may differ slightly from the photographs. They are made using porcelain clay.

Handmade in Waterford, Ireland.




Fia /fee-ah/ : Old Irish word meaning “Wilderness”

Folk /fowk/: Pictures and objects that express something of the lives and feelings of people

Fiafolk is an art studio based in Dungarvan County Waterford where illustrated ceramics, art and jewellery are created by hand.

Est. 2020 by Laura McNamara

“I love the outdoors, nature and everything that surrounds it. My studio is nestled opposite an urban woodland and to the left is the sea, where I am visited by wildlife throughout the seasons. My surroundings and my imagination are where my ideas come from, which I draw on paper and transform into ceramics and jewellery”.

Each piece of ceramics is individually handmade and decorated by Laura. She uses a variety of processes, a favorite being “Mono-Printing” to uniquely draw into each piece. Her work is often slightly imperfect, showing the process of creation by human hands.

Wabi-sabi (侘寂) – A way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life

Clay is a naturally organic material which appeals to those who care for the environment. All Fiafolk’s packing is natural and recyclable.