Linen Lavender Sachet – Jupiter Red


Handprinted Irish linen sachet, filled with aromatic lavender.  Perfect for your suitcase or wardrobe, to keep your clothes smelling fresh.



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Original designs, screenprinted by hand using non-toxic waterbased ink.

Pure Irish linen and aromatic dried lavender flowers.

Dimensions approx 8cm x 8cm

Listing is for one sachet.


Jupiter Red Linen


Elderflower, Gorse, Magpies, Starlings, Bluebells, Christmas tree green, Garlic / oatmeal, Poinsettia

Jupiter Red Linen

The idea behind Jupiter Red was very simple –

to create a range of durable, colourful, everyday linens with a commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability.

Linen gets better with age (just like you!)

so don’t keep it tucked away for special occasions.

I have designed a range of linens for you

to use and enjoy everyday.