Orla Culligan- Peach + Blue Small Bowl


This small bowl is made from coloured stoneware and a transparent glaze. Handmade in Ireland.

Dishwasher safe.

Measurements 6.5cmW x 5.5cm T approximately

Orla Culligan Ceramics bowls are unique and made from vibrant coloured stoneware with a transparent internal glaze. A great addition to brighten up your kitchen.

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The original inspiration for Orla’s work comes from finding ‘rubbish’ washed up on the beaches where she grew up. Seeing the beauty in the discarded items, looking closer at the objects and their gorgeous range of textures where the sea has intervened, seams and edges have softened, yet there is still evidence of the making process, of the machine.

“Emerging from this inspiration I have created an extensive range of products that bring joy to the home and light up the room, a colourful collection of elevated homewares. I explore function and the aesthetic of the domestic, through pieces that are intended to be held and used. In addition, recycled broken ceramic with Jesomite create quirky accessories, turning the undesirable into the desirable.”


Each item is completely handmade using the slip casting method. Creating eye catching, functional art. Made to be used, touched and loved.


Orla Culligan Ceramics

Orla Culligan Ceramics

Orla Culligan makes unique slipcast and hand-built ceramics for the home in Galway City.
“I strive to provide high quality products that bring joy to the owner’s home and to keep my business sustainable by having as little waste as possible and a low environmental impact.”