‘Dribble’ Jug (Large) – Rachel Leary


A handmade porcelain jug, created by the slip-casting method. Each pot is fully glazed internally and around the top rim, the exterior is decorated with carved dots or lines and these are filled with Egyptian Faience to create a unique aesthetic and texture. Perfect as a distinctive decorative item within your home or office, great for displaying flowers.

Pink glazed rim with green dribbles.

Dimensions H19cm x D9cm


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Rachel’s Dribble Collection consists of a range of artistic items which can also serve as a functional product. They combine softly curved porcelain bodies with sculptural texture inspired by patterns seen in fungi. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and can never be exactly repeated.


Rachel Leary Ceramics

Rachel Leary Ceramics

Rachel Leary Ceramics is an award winning business brought to life by designer and maker- Rachel Leary.

Since completing her Masters in Ceramics in 2015, Rachel has gradually built a home studio in the Northern Irish countryside, and it is her surroundings that fuel the inspiration behind her work.