Thomas Powell Pottery- Rainbow mug


Hand thrown ceramic rainbow mug. Each hand painted with the colours of the rainbow, around the inside of the rim.



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Measurements; 8cm diameter x 9cm high approx. (excluding handle)

Dishwasher and microwave safe. Each mug is handmade & unique, the size, shape & glaze may vary slightly.

“Everything is designed and handmade by me. Weighing the clay, throwing the pot on the wheel, turning the pot, pulling handles, applying handles, decorating, glazing, packing the kilns, and anything else that I’ve forgotten to mention, is all my doing, and that includes the design of my stamp…it’s the only way to pot…” Thomas Powell.


Photos are credited to Thomas Powell Pottery*


Thomas Powell pottery

Thomas Powell pottery

Thomas is a master potter who has been making pots for over 30 years. Since establishing Thomas Powell Pottery near Gilford, County Down in May 2013, he has developed a range of handmade domestic ware that is tactile by design and contemporary in look.

Photos credited to Thomas Powell Pottery