To Mum & Dad at Christmas – Card- UTWT


To Mum and Dad with love  at Christmas.

My cards are printed on quality 350gsm uncoated card, measuring 148 x 148mm. This card is blank inside to encourage a more personal sentiment. Comes with a brown kraft envelope.

Designed locally in County Antrim.

Out of stock

Cards are printed on quality 350gsm uncoated card, measuring 148 x 148mm. This card is blank inside to encourage a more personal sentiment. Comes with a brown kraft envelope.


Adrian McColgan Pottery, Aggie & I, Aidan Sloan Art, Alison Hanvey Ceramics, Alison McIlkenny, Andrew Coombes, Aoife Slattery Ceramics, Arbee Stationary, Arcadia, Causeway Aromatics, Ceramics by Christina, Ciaran Headley, Cloverhill Ceramics, Cowfield Design, Daisy & Joy, Deborah Hill, Don't Forget The Dog, Ebb & Flow NI, Eimear Campbell, Eithne McGuigan, Ellen Woods, Emma Vine Ceramics, Etaoin O'Reilly, Fiafolk, Figment Ceramics, Frankie Creith, Gillybean Pottery, Honeysuckle Bee & Me, HunterPaper Co, Ivy & Gold, Jemma Millen Ceramics, Jude Fenton Art, Jupiter Red Linen, Katie Larmour, Lauren Fowler, Le Contour, Leanne McCormack, Lindsay Press, Lindy Makes, Lisa Robson, LyndaB Ceramics, Made by Marc, Mark McKeown, Mud Ireland Ceramics, Note and Scatter, Once upon a dandelion, Orla Culligan Ceramics, Paul Burch, Paul Holmes, Peter Paints, Plumpy Butter Balms, Potter & Bunny, Rachel Leary Ceramics, Red Earth Designs, Rowan Beg Soy Candles, Ruth Walker, SassyBeads, Sharon Regan Art, Shauna McCann, Skelligs Pottery, Snowdrops & Sentiments, So & Sew, So Soy, Soy & Sisters, Stephanie Noble Art, Thomas Powell pottery, Trevor Murray, Trevor Woods, Under the Willowtree, VF Designs, Victoria Bentham, Vine Haugh, Wendy Ward, Wild About Soaps, Willow & Weeds, Yewfort Crafts, Barbara Blane Designs, Bold Bunny, Rose & Bumble, SimplyN, True North

Adrian McColgan Pottery

Lisburn based potter. Teaching and creating unique hand thrown pieces of pottery.

Aggie & I

Hand poured Soy candles, poured in small batches in Ballynahinch.

Aidan Sloan Art

Irish based artist specialising in portraiture and animal paintings.
“Nothing is out of reach to become my canvas.”

Alison Hanvey Ceramics

After graduating with a degree in Glass and Ceramics, Alison worked as a production potter for 25 years. She loves the qualities of clay, the way there is no resistance with it, that there is no need for tools to work it, and that she has direct expression from hand to clay.
Alison finds inspiration in the garden and in the beautiful landscapes of County Down.

Alison McIlkenny

I am a Northern Irish Artist working mainly in oils and charcoal.
My paintings and drawings are impressionist in style and frequently have an ethereal quality. My work is often recognised by the addition of gold leaf and/or artisian glitters. Bumblebees on gold leaf are my most in demand oil paintings to date.

Andrew Coombes

Northern Irish artist Andrew Coombe paints hugely popular stags on large canvases amongst other recognisable images, such as his hares.

Aoife Slattery Ceramics

Aoife graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2013 and has been practising in ceramics since. Her studio is based in Ballymorris just a short drive from Limerick City.

Arbee Stationary

I now have had 25 years of professional experience working in art and design, after a degree in Fine Art Printmaking, I continued to make cards & stationery for friends and wedding stationery for family. In June 2010, I launched arbee* cards, rebranding in 2014 as arbee* stationery & design.

I adore the romance & beauty of vintage design – borrowed from a time when paper ruled the world, and people stayed in touch with long, loving letters delivered over land and sea.

Belfast based artist


Northern Irish Pyrography & Resin Artist.
I love functional artworks. I believe nothing in the home has to be ‘boring’! Therefore my goal is to turn everyday and special event home items into works of art!

Causeway Aromatics

Founded by the Thomson family through a love of The Giants Causeway, the Antrim Coast and the Glens of Antrim, Causeway Aromatics created a range of scented products around the theme of the family’s favourite places.

Causeway Aromatics started production in 2018 bringing a sense of the Causeway Coast and Glens of Antrim to everyone. Using locally sourced products and ingredients, Causeway Aromatics’ aim is to boast about the Causeway Coast and Glens to the world, create fragrances that remind people of their favourite memories, and boost the local economy through job creation and using local businesses for their raw materials – even the labels are sourced from Coleraine!

Ceramics by Christina

Christina creates her handmade porcelain decorations from her home studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She works full time and spends her evenings and weekends exploring her artistic side to create unique designs for porcelain decorations.

Ciaran Headley

Ciaran Headley lives and works from his home on the shores of Louth Neagh, Co.Antrim.
Creating functional stoneware pieces, butter bells, bread crooks, cheese boards and mugs to name a few.
Using his distinctive glazes which reflect the colours, shapes and textures of his natural environment.
Each item is hand thrown on Ciaran’s potters wheel, giving every piece a unique finish.

Cloverhill Ceramics

I’m Lisa, married to Peter. We have two boys who are now taller than me, which is a very strange feeling! I have always been a maker whether it was banging nails into wood with my Dad, sewing with my Mum or knitting with my Granny.

I studied ceramics at Carmarthen, South Wales over twenty years ago. I didn’t do anything with clay again until 2016, when life had thrown a few challenges at us. I took a notion to buy some clay as stress relief and I was soon making a couple of bits and pieces every week. My family pointed out that we had more mugs than the average cafe! My pastime had got out of hand, so Cloverhill Ceramics was born.

My pottery was a 200 year old, stone built dwelling house, then turned to agricultural use. It housed pigs for many years and a few hens. This has now become my place to make, cool in the summer and freezing in the winter when it takes ages for clay to dry.

Sam the chocolate labrador is my pottery assistant, although he’s still a bit clumsy on the wheel yet…..

Cowfield Design

Cowfield Design is a design business started in Belfast. We make products that remind you of all the fabulous destinations across Ireland.

Daisy & Joy

Emma is an engineer with a love and talent for hand lettering and typography.
Hand drawn & handmade in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.

Deborah Hill

Deborah Hill was born and raised in Belfast and currently resides in Comber, Co. Down.
She creates her art work and illustrations using an iPad and photoshop.
Deborah’s work predominantly, but not exclusively focuses on Northern Irish Landmarks and the beauty and joy she sees in familiar places.

Don't Forget The Dog

Claire Smyth is the owner and the inspiration behind Northern Ireland’s Don’t forget the Dog. Having worked in corporate industry for over 20 years it was time to make a change and follow a passion that is close to her heart, man’s best friend.
“Our products are handmade and designed by myself and are inspired by our rural Irish landscape. Tweeds stand up well against our weather here and have a lovely traditional classic appearance, its great to meet so many dog owners who are devoted to their dogs, my products allow them to show them their affection”.

Ebb & Flow NI

‘Ebb and Flow began during the first covid lockdown in 2020. I’d been attending (and loving!) a ceramics course at college and I missed working with clay. I bought a second hand kiln and a few bags of clay and I was off! I wanted to create work that celebrated the coastal areas around my home in Bangor – places that had become a lifeline during uncertain times. Ebb and Flow has grown and so has my workspace, from the kitchen table to my own little studio. The clay is fired to stoneware temperatures, it’s both strong and fragile and I hope you love it.’ ~ Kim , Ebb & Flow.

Eimear Campbell

Eimear lives and works in Northern Ireland, originally from County Tyrone and living in Belfast. Growing up in the beautiful Irish countryside she developed a passion for nature and vibrant colour – portraying the textures and senses of the landscape through painting and photography.

Her paintings are created using mainly acrylic paints building textured layers of colour. She describes her style as abstract, loose and free.

Eithne McGuigan

My name is Eithne (pronounced Enya). I am a Newtownabbey, N.Ireland based artist creating work from my at home studio. I use a range of mediums including resin, oil, paint and acrylic paint to create functional and fine art pieces, to add colour to your home.

Ellen Woods

About Ellen Woods.

Brought up in Northern Ireland, in the rural landscapes of Banbridge, Co. Down, with two brothers a Mum and Dad. My passion for ceramics began at the age of 3, when I was allowed into my fathers ceramic workshop. I always loved “playing with clay” and spending time with my father. My skills have grown over the years and my passion for ceramics has developed. I find my inspiration in the surrounding area of where I live and love, the rural landscapes where I come from. I create because I love the materials that I work with and I can combine my emotions, thoughts and feelings into ceramic art pieces for others to enjoy.

Emma Vine Ceramics

Each of Emma’s pieces are handmade and no two pieces are the same, they are made with the intention to make you smile with their unique shapes and eye catching patterns.
These ceramics create an escapism from everyday life.

Etaoin O'Reilly

Etaoin O’Reilly is an Irish potter based in Dundalk, Ireland. She started her ceramic journey in 2010 where she studied in The National College of Art and Design. In 2014 Etaoin graduated with a first class honours in Craft Design. Recently Etaoin has graduated from The Design and Crafts Council of Ireland, Ceramics Skills Course. Etaoin has just started her own business Etaoin O’Reilly Ceramics a small Irish pottery business.


Fia /fee-ah/ : Old Irish word meaning “Wilderness”

Folk /fowk/: Pictures and objects that express something of the lives and feelings of people

Fiafolk is an art studio based in Dungarvan County Waterford where illustrated ceramics, art and jewellery are created by hand.

Est. 2020 by Laura McNamara

“I love the outdoors, nature and everything that surrounds it. My studio is nestled opposite an urban woodland and to the left is the sea, where I am visited by wildlife throughout the seasons. My surroundings and my imagination are where my ideas come from, which I draw on paper and transform into ceramics and jewellery”.

Each piece of ceramics is individually handmade and decorated by Laura. She uses a variety of processes, a favorite being “Mono-Printing” to uniquely draw into each piece. Her work is often slightly imperfect, showing the process of creation by human hands.

Wabi-sabi (侘寂) – A way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life

Clay is a naturally organic material which appeals to those who care for the environment. All Fiafolk’s packing is natural and recyclable.

Figment Ceramics

Figment (noun): something produced by the imagination

Figment Ceramics is a ceramic design studio based in rural County Down, founded by designer/maker Jakki Trainor.

Established in 2016, Figment Ceramics draws inspiration from Jakki’s love of nature and folklore producing illustrative ceramics that depict both real and imagined flora and fauna.

Pattern and impressed decoration are an intrinsic part of Jakki’s trademark style along with her palette of shimmering green and blue glazes. Jakki aims to tell a story in every tile and panel, taking the viewer on a journey into their own imagination.

Frankie Creith

Frankie Creith is an internationally exhibited artist, living and working on the North Coast of Ireland.

Her work has been published, televised and held in both private and public collections worldwide, including the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum London, home to the world’s largest collection of Applied Art.

Since graduating from Ulster University Belfast with a Ba (Hons) in Fine Craft Design, she continued to develop her creative practice whilst, for over 20 years working as an ‘Artist in Residence’ for the Education Board and Arts Council of Northern Ireland facilitating numerous art commissions and cross-community creative projects.

She is best known for her ‘Mixed-media Textile’ work incorporating fabrics, papers, paint, inks, wax, resin and all manner of media through collage, fusing, layering and embellishing with both free machine and hand stitch. Currently, the local landscape of her beloved North Antrim rich in colour, texture and cultural heritage inspires her work in acrylics, oils, cold wax and stitch.

Gillybean Pottery

Gillian is a potter, mother and part-time charity worker. She is originally from Galway, but has lived most of her adult life in Belfast.

“I fell in love with pottery when I was a little girl, enthralled with the wheel in my pottery class. I remember not having enough strength in my small hands to center clay on the wheel so I would follow my pottery teacher around relentlessly to ask him to center me a piece of clay. He was always so patient!

Fast forward a few decades and the lure of making things with clay just didn’t subside. I would dip in and out, but life was busy. A hectic career in the charity sector and then 3 children meant years passed by during which I thought ‘pottery will come’.

In 2019 I left my full time job and became a part time classroom assistant. This finally gave me enough time, space and mental energy to take ceramics a little more seriously, so I took some classes at the Ulster University here in Belfast.

Then lockdown put everyone’s life on hold and attending the college was no longer an option. I knew I had to find ways to keep making. So I took the plunge and bought myself a pottery wheel.

It had nowhere to live so I used it in our garden for 3 months before eventually hijacking an outside office that we’d been using for home working.

Lockdown gave me an opportunity to practice every day and work out what to include in some of the collections that you can now see on this site. Pottery as a business as well as a hobby had arrived!

I like to think that the calm satisfaction of the pottery process and my utter love of making passes on to the owner with every piece.”

Honeysuckle Bee & Me

Inspired by nature, honeybees and the surrounding countryside in the rolling green hills of County Down, in Northern Ireland, Honeysuckle Bee and Me is a range of plant-based soap, skincare and natural candles.

Lovingly small-batch, handcrafted, using the most natural and earth friendly botanical ingredients to make beautiful products that don’t cost the earth.

Sustainable, Waste free and Cruelty free.

HunterPaper Co

Husband & wife duo, Hunter Paper Co is a luxury letterpress stationery brand and stationery company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which combines vintage printing techniques with modern minimalist design.

Ivy & Gold

Ivy & Gold was started as an outlet for Erinn, while she navigated becoming a mum to a daughter with Cystic Fibrosis during the global pandemic.

“When I left my job as a journalist to go on maternity leave I had no idea what was in store for the first year of my baby’s life.

Ivy was born in Septmber 2019, she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was two weeks old. Suddenly my plans to go back to work full time seemed impossible.

Five months later the first wave of the pandemic meant we were all told to stay at home and because of Ivy’s health that meant we couldn’t even go to the shop.

By then I had already made myself a bracelet with her name on it and a few for friends, but when lockdown hit the business really took off.

I spent every one of Ivy’s nap times and every night after she went to bed making bracelets.

It was extremely therapeutic for me and was a welcome distraction during a scary time.

By the end of my maternity leave I knew I wanted to pursue the business full time.

Because of everyone who has supported me I am able to work from home with my daughter, perform her treatments and most importantly enjoy much more time with her.”

Jemma Millen Ceramics

Based in Crumlin, County Antrim in Northern Ireland, Jemma uses traditional hand-building techniques to craft unique, functional forms using terracotta.
Inspired by the beautiful meadows that surround Jemma’s home in the countryside of County Antrim, she produced a Meadow Plate range of functional table-ware as a reflection of the wonderful array of local wildflowers.

Jude Fenton Art

Jude Fenton is a watercolour artist from Belfast Northern Ireland where she lives with her husband, daughter and very snuggly cat.
“I love painting memories, little moments of a time and place. Emotions and feelings, weather and light all expressed in delicate watercolour. Much of my inspiration is taken from the landscape of home and memories of travels throughout the captivating countryside of Ireland.
At the moment I am excited by merging traditional watercolour techniques with my more contemporary style of mark making combined with hand and machine stitched embroidery techniques that creates an interesting juxtaposition. I love the challenge of creating a balance out of the contrast and sense of peace and tranquillity. My aim is producing work that the viewer can identify with, that can stir a calming emotion bringing a restfulness and quietude”

Jupiter Red Linen

The idea behind Jupiter Red was very simple –

to create a range of durable, colourful, everyday linens with a commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability.

Linen gets better with age (just like you!)

so don’t keep it tucked away for special occasions.

I have designed a range of linens for you

to use and enjoy everyday.

Katie Larmour

Katie Larmour is an Irish designer-maker who trained as an Applied Artist at the University of Ulster’s School of Art and Design in Belfast, setting up Katie Larmour Design Studio in 2014.
Katie specialises in creating luxury items from Irish Linen. The natural, undyed oatmeal linen has become a signature hallmark of all her pieces. Made from the flax plant, Irish Linen is an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to fabrics that use fertilisers and pesticides. It needs little water, and the whole plant is used, making it a waste-free crop. Katie’s items have been acquired by discerning international fashionistas, A-list stars, and even royal families.

Lauren Fowler

What started off as a hobby has now taken on a life of its own. Everything Lauren Fowler makes is handcrafted from locally sourced and sustainable hardwood and is finished in natural mineral oil in her workshop (an old hen house) at her home in Ballynahinch, Northern Ireland.
“Being able to use such an interesting, earthy material to create something functional but beautiful and in keeping with its natural form, is very satisfying”. Lauren’s pieces are all one of a kind and unique!

Le Contour

Inspired by the female form, the Sistory Collection is a collection dedicated to representing women and championing body diversity in shapes, sizes and colours – an embedded value at Le Contour.

Leanne McCormack

Leanne McCormack takes the traditional craft of vitreous enamelling and creates art in her own style, portraying various aspects of nature.

“The inspiration for this latest ‘Renewed Collection’, was during the numerous lockdowns over recent times. When quite a lot of us turned to our garden, walks and nature. I have been thinking more about the environment and the Earths’ dwindling insect population. I hope that my new work will engage the viewer and draw their attention to the beauty of nature and the amazing colours and forms that can be found in the insect world. Decline of their numbers is real and has been measured only in a few parts of the world. Indeed, the less studied areas hold the biggest diversity of insects, so the problem is larger than we imagine.

After some research I discovered that beetles symbolise transformation and renewal and this along with some of the recycled materials used, is the reason I named this collection ‘Renewed’. Each piece of vitreous enamel is kiln fired and this means that each insect is unique.

While studying for my Degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing in Ulster University, Belfast School of Art, I was honoured to be commissioned to create the ‘Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon, Rose Award Trophy’ for Rose Week. On completing my Degree in 2019, I was then accepted as Graduate in Residence, at Ulster University. During this time, I was commissioned to make another trophy, this time by Ulster University and Allied Irish Bank for the distinguished graduate award. During my time as Graduate in Residence, I was able take part in teaching some classes and was pleased to achieve Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Authority. In 2019/20, I also had the honour of my jewellery being selected for the Gift shop, at the N.I. Assembly Parliament Buildings, Stormont.

I have enamelled work exhibited with the British Society of Enamellers and Internationally in the ‘Under Fire 3’ Exhibition. More recently, I was really pleased to have my work accepted into 2020 Art!”

Lindsay Press

Lindsay Press is a painter, ceramic and bronze artist based in Co. Down, N. Ireland. Her signature raku fired sheep are highly sought after, each one unique and full of character.

Lindy Makes

Lindy McMahon from LindyMakes is based at her studio in Newcastle, County Down, nestled between the Mourne Mountains and the sea. She works with a variety of mediums but is primarily a metal artist.

Lisa Robson

Lisa Robson lives and works in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland where she creates one of a kind ceramics. Lisa creates unique pieces with a Raku finish, which adds to their individuality, never being able to replicate the same piece twice.

LyndaB Ceramics

Ceramicist Lynda Hassin creates in porcelain, working from her workshop in County Tyrone. After graduating from Cumbria Institute of the Arts in Carlisle with a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Applied Art, she returned home to Northern Ireland and set up Lynda B Jewellery & Ceramics just outside Banbridge, Co. Down. In 2012 she moved her workshop to County Tyrone where she now lives.

Lynda uses handbuilding techniques working with flat slabs of porcelain and formers to create her pieces, adding texture or hand drawing her designs onto the porcelain surface before shaping it. Textiles was an initial area of preference at college before she discovered porcelain and imprinting and so it remains a strong influence on her style. Texture has always been a feature in Lynda’s work, often using lace to add imprints. In her most recent ranges she’s been exploring other mark making techniques at various stages of her making process.

Much of the inspiration for Lynda’s work comes from personal memories and connections, a little quote she found inspiring, a little moment that captured her attention and imagination. Family is another source of inspiration. Lynda inherited a love of flowers and gardening from her grandmother and this influence is clearly seen in many of her floral themed ranges, especially her ‘Dorothy Range’ a tribute to her grandmother and her beautiful garden

Made by Marc

Marc, originally from Portstewart on the North Coast of Ireland, now lives in the heart of Co. Down.

“​A total candle addict for my entire adult life, I’ve spent a fortune on various brands of candles, most of which underperformed on so many levels.
​I dreamt of one day creating the ‘perfect candle’ and so my candlemaking journey began”.
The ‘Made by Marc Candle Co.’ was born in September 2017 and since then it has grown and developed into a successful business venture.
“​I work tirelessly using sustainably sourced soy wax to create high quality scented soy candles. When you buy from the ‘Made by Marc Candle Co.’ you really are supporting a small, local business.”.

Mark McKeown

Mark McKeown is a landscape photographer based just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Mud Ireland Ceramics

Mud Ireland is a small business passionate about pots, based in Portadown Co. Armagh.
“Our porcelain pottery is 100% handcrafted in Ireland using natural materials, from local suppliers. It is luxurious, well made and designed to stand up to everyday use. That is why each pot is both dishwasher safe and affordably priced! Our motto? Use it, love it, throw it in the dishwasher! We have a cheeky reverence for our craft which is driven by our passion for making and our love for the creation process.”

Note and Scatter

Note and Scatter is based in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. Designing and creating beautiful generic cards for all occasions, encouraging & inspiring quotes and designs in print form.

Once upon a dandelion

Once Upon A Dandelion are husband and wife team, Philip and Lisa, working together from their home studio in Newcastle, Northern Ireland, to create wooden quote signs and artwork for you with a positive message, and are inspired by the abundance of natural beauty surrounding them at home in The Mournes.

Orla Culligan Ceramics

Orla Culligan makes unique slipcast and hand-built ceramics for the home in Galway City.
“I strive to provide high quality products that bring joy to the owner’s home and to keep my business sustainable by having as little waste as possible and a low environmental impact.”

Paul Burch

Ceramicist based in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Paul Holmes

Watercolour artist Paul Holmes from Ballyclare Co Antrim is famous for his landscapes of areas such as the Antrim Coast Road.

Paul lives just minutes from the beautiful Antrim coast, the inspiration for many of his paintings. He has received numerous awards for his watercolour landscapes/seascapes with his work being well known throughout the island of Ireland and further afield. He has held the offices of Vice-President of the Ulster Watercolour Society (UWS) and President of the Arts Society of Ulster (ASU).

Paul enjoys working with other artists and passing on his knowledge to his students at his art classes held in a number of venues across Northern Ireland.

Peter Paints

Plumpy Butter Balms

Plumpy Balms is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Their vegan ranges of Lip Butters and Lip Tints are made in small batches with the freshest and finest natural butters, oils and plant waxes.

Potter & Bunny

Potter and Bunny is a bespoke ceramic business based in the picturesque village of Glenarm on the Antrim coast in Northern Ireland.
“We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of high quality products, handmade with a personal touch. Our products range from jewellery, homeware, gifts to much more.”

Rachel Leary Ceramics

Rachel Leary Ceramics is an award winning business brought to life by designer and maker- Rachel Leary.

Since completing her Masters in Ceramics in 2015, Rachel has gradually built a home studio in the Northern Irish countryside, and it is her surroundings that fuel the inspiration behind her work.

Red Earth Designs

Red Earth Designs brings together the creative and business talents of twin sisters, Claire and Karen Gibson, both with a Masters Degree in Fine and Applied Art from the University of Ulster at Belfast. In business since 2001, producing a range of unique and exciting ceramics with a very distinctive style.
It has been described as beautiful, fresh, innovative, contemporary, modern and unique.

Rowan Beg Soy Candles


Rowan Beg Design Studios is a small family run business based on the edge of Connemara. The business idea was thought up by Nicola McGuinness.

Nicola McGuinness set up Rowan Beg Design Studios in 2016 after returning home to Connemara from 14 years living in the States working in corporate finance, she started Rowan Beg Design studios, named after her home ‘Rowan Beg House’, where she started producing beautiful soy candles which
reflected her beloved Connemara.

Nothing can evoke a memory, transporting a person to a particular place or time like a scent, Nicola created a line of candles based on her childhood memories of home. She has individually created and hand blends each scent. it is a completely hand crafted process.
The Urban collection is fun and current made from concrete containers with different exciting scent combinations.

Always thinking about sustainability and zero waste.

Ruth Walker

Ruth graduated from university with a degree in architectural glass in 2008. Shortly afterward she moved to Northern Ireland, where she is based, working from her glass studio in the garden of her home in Ballyclare.
“I am inspired by nature and the natural world around me and this is reflected in my work”. “My childhood and teenage years were spent in Wales where I grew up near the coast and I have found that this has had a great influence in my designs. I’m never happier then while I’m next to the sea”.


Belfast based artist, Lynsey creates sterling silver & 14ct Gold filled personalised bead bracelets. Made with love to be treasured for years to come.

Sharon Regan Art

Sharon graduated from the University of Ulster with a BA Contemporary Applied Art.

Shauna McCann

Shauna McCann is a ceramicist based in rural Co. Tyrone. Her ceramic work is predominantly unique framed porcelain imagery as well as ceramic sculpture. Her pursuit of clay has spanned over 20 years.

Skelligs Pottery

Handmade by Julia Clarke in her home studio in Co. Kerry, Ireland.
“Surrounded by mountains and fields my studio is situated overlooking beautiful Ballinskelligs Bay and is just 1km off the Wild Atlantic Way coastal drive.
My hand built and wheel thrown work is inspired by this coastal and rural landscape, its changing light and colours”.

Snowdrops & Sentiments

Snowdrops and Sentiments was established by Mags Donnan in 2013, following many years of recreational doodling.
“My background is in Occupational Therapy and I trained back in the day when traditional arts and crafts were taught for their therapeutic benefits.
I love flowers .. the first flower I put to card was a snowdrop and I am a bit sentimental around quotations .. hence the name”.

So & Sew

The person behind So&Sew Crafts is Jennie Hughes, a local crafter who lives in Islandmagee, Co. Antrim. Jennies’s love of Northern Ireland is what has inspired the creation of her unique digitalised embroidery & appliqué cushions of well recognised local landmarks.

So Soy

Só Soy was launched in October 2016 by self-confessed candle lover, Hannah. Based at The Giant’s Causeway, each and every Só Soy candle is designed, hand poured and packaged in-house.

Hannah first founded Só Soy purely from a love of scented candles and the curiosity to make her own. Playing with luxury fragrance oils and a minimalist design, the brand was born. With a simplistic image in mind, Hannah decided that each fragrance should be allowed to do the ‘talking’, with ‘Lemongrass, Lime & Ginger Root’ being the first born. Years later, this fragrance still holds a nostalgic note with Hannah, reminiscent of the early candle making days.

Soy & Sisters

Soy & Sisters candles and wax melts have been designed, labelled and hand poured in their studio in Portadown, Co Armagh.
Soy & Sisters scented candles use 100% premium plant based soy and coconut wax and only the finest fragrances.

Stephanie Noble Art

Stephanie is a palette knife painter and almost all her oil or acrylic work is done using her palette knives. Her work is a reflection of images and experiences she’s collected, of places she’s visited or read about. Stephanie is a self-taught artist who for now, calls Belfast her home and likes to explore the Island she lives on with her young family and dog Belle.

Thomas Powell pottery

Thomas is a master potter who has been making pots for over 30 years. Since establishing Thomas Powell Pottery near Gilford, County Down in May 2013, he has developed a range of handmade domestic ware that is tactile by design and contemporary in look.

Photos credited to Thomas Powell Pottery

Trevor Murray

Trevor Murray is a local Whitehead, Co.Antrim turner. Trevor uses locally sourced wood to create his handmade one of a kind pieces.

Trevor Woods

Trevor Woods is a ceramic artist based in Banbridge, Co.Down, Northern Ireland. Trevor works under the ceramic brand, Mount Ida Pottery.

Mount Ida Pottery create unique ceramics, inspired by nature.

Under the Willowtree

Natasha Aiken was born and raised in the hills of Gortin in rural County Tyrone.
“I grew up exploring forests, hills and rivers. Now living outside Lisburn. My art is clean/simple yet holds onto the natural flow that comes from colours blending into colours.”

VF Designs

“Hello, my name is Vicki! I am a textile artist from Whitehead, N.Ireland.”
Vicki’s designs are very much inspired by her surroundings, love of colour and texture.
“Each piece is not only unique, completely handmade but they also have a part of my heart & soul within them. My goal, is to make people smile when they look at my work.”

Victoria Bentham

Since graduating from the University of Ulster Belfast in June 2012 with a First class Honours degree in Fine and Applied Arts, Victoria has set up a small Ceramics Studio in an old 1770’s blacksmiths workshop (the Smithy) at her home on the Ards peninsula on the east coast of Northern Ireland.
“I draw inspiration from beautiful old ceramic tiles, intricate architecture and the patterns it contains as well as the places I go, things I see and the people that surround me every day. I carry my camera everywhere to enable me to capture these images and moments as they happen. These are an endless source of new ideas and inspiration reflected in the bright and colourful tones, patterns and colours used in my work as well as the delicate illustrations. I work mainly in Ceramics but bring elements of metal, wood and illustration to my work.”

Vine Haugh

Artisan Vine Haugh is the owner & founder of Vine Haugh Ceramics which is located in the Northern Ireland. Vine is passionate about ceramics & gains her inspiration from nature as well as towns and cities. She is passionate about ceramics from across the world and is inspired by London Ceramics and Scandinavian Ceramic pieces at the moment.

Wendy Ward

Wendy Ward Design is an award winning homeware brand established in 2016. Each piece of the collection is uniquely crafted by hand in N. Ireland, from the finest quality porcelain.

It was from Wendy’s fascination with the translucent and luminous qualities of porcelain and a passion to transform the material into affordable design products that the Wendy Ward collection was born. Wendy has worked on limited edition pieces for corporate and private clients as well as in collaboration with a number of international brands:

Belleek Pottery, Galway Crystal, Meissen GmbH and Mullan Lighting.

As an Ambassador for European Ceramics, Wendy’s bespoke installations and products are now part of Porzellanikon Museum, Germany, Enniskillen Castle Museums, N. Ireland, and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s permanent collections.

Wild About Soaps

Horticulturalist, Averil Milligan, developed her fascination in the cultural folklore and medicinal value of flowers and herbs as healing plants into her range of soaps and toiletries.
“I love to bring nature and its healing power safely into each of my products and to you. Using luxury oils, making natural infusions of herbs, clays, roots, seeds and petals for wellbeing and natural colour, I add the powerful scented essential oils into each product to transform you from outside to inside! ”
Avril is a member of the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers and is fully compliant with all current EU cosmetic regulations.

Willow & Weeds

Jo, Northern Irish artist creates the most simplistically beautiful greeting cards amongst other things.
“I write poetry; and here at Willow & Weeds I produce hand-illustrated wall art, stationery and cards featuring my verse.”

Yewfort Crafts

Joan O’Halloran of Yewfort crafts hand builds, glazes and fires her fun-filled, colourful ceramics in her studio at home in Limerick, in a restored 19th century house surrounded by mature trees. She hand builds and throws her ranges of ceramics on a potter’s wheel, using both stoneware and clay, and gets great pleasure out of seeing the smile on people’s faces when they see and touch her ceramic creations.

Barbara Blane Designs

Barbara creates handcrafted jewellery designs which explore natural textures and forms – with a focus on using sustainable, environmentally sourced materials such as recycled silver and gold. She creates tactile designs which inspire curiosity and can be worn to any occasion.

Barbara graduated from the University of Ulster Art College with a BA Hons in Contemporary & Applied Arts, having specialised in Jewellery Design & Silversmithing. She works with traditional tools and techniques which gives each piece of jewellery a unique & personal touch.

Bold Bunny

Bold Bunny is the brainchild of Warren Keeper and Bunny in Chief, Ali Jones — she designs a range of cheeky original Irish greeting cards on sustainable stock for retail and wholesale outlets.
With her background in graphic design, quality print and precision are at the core of her work. The greeting cards are printed on a premium uncoated paper, made from 100% ECF eucalyptus pulp making it environmentally friendly.

Rose & Bumble

Rose & Bumble, based in Broughshane, combine creativity, craftsmanship, and dedication to present you with a selection of products that are not only new but also exciting and inspiring. Each item reflects their passion for design and their commitment to delivering quality and style.


Naomi Mc Farland designs and creates sterling silver jewellery from her workshop at her home in Belfast, Northern Ireland under the SimplyN brand.
After a foundation degree at art college sparking her interest in silversmithing, Naomi completed a degree in 3d Design. Her first and continuing love of silversmithing defined her career, developing her skills with Steensons, Beaverbrooks and Murray & Co jewellers. She is now concentrating on her own designs, working solely for SimplyN.

True North

True North Life was born out of years of seeking and finding refreshment and realignment
through time spent outdoors here in our beautiful homeland of Northern Ireland.
Founded by Jenny in 2020, True North Life is a homegrown brand committed to supplying practical and planet-friendly accessories with wearable designs for all the family.