‘Whiterocks’ Box Framed Print – Frankie Creith


Whiterocks box framed print is a reproduction of an original artwork by Frankie Creith. The painting is inspired by the beautiful north coastal scenery of the Whiterocks and beach at the end of the East Strand, Portrush.

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This Whiterocks box framed artwork is an art print of an original artwork, and is signed by the artist, Frankie Creith. It is framed in a striking glazed white acrylic box frame with white mount and black prop.

It is presented with a corner label detailing information about the artist and includes a kraft card gift box.

Box frame size : 20.5 x 20.5 x 2.5 cm

Dimensions 20.5 × 20.5 × 2.5 cm

Frankie Creith

Frankie Creith

Frankie Creith is an internationally exhibited artist, living and working on the North Coast of Ireland.

Her work has been published, televised and held in both private and public collections worldwide, including the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum London, home to the world’s largest collection of Applied Art.

Since graduating from Ulster University Belfast with a Ba (Hons) in Fine Craft Design, she continued to develop her creative practice whilst, for over 20 years working as an ‘Artist in Residence’ for the Education Board and Arts Council of Northern Ireland facilitating numerous art commissions and cross-community creative projects.

She is best known for her ‘Mixed-media Textile’ work incorporating fabrics, papers, paint, inks, wax, resin and all manner of media through collage, fusing, layering and embellishing with both free machine and hand stitch. Currently, the local landscape of her beloved North Antrim rich in colour, texture and cultural heritage inspires her work in acrylics, oils, cold wax and stitch.